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RMEC13 Media Release

RMEC13 will provide a forum for discussing the factors influencing the education of doctors practicing in rural and remote areas of Australia and overseas.

The conference will explore how the educational needs of remotely-located doctors can be addressed depending upon location and cultural context, while considering the role that new technology plays in the delivery and enhancement of learning.

Who Should Attend 

  • Medical educators & medical education service providers
  • GP registrars & supervisors
  • Remote health service providers
  • E-learning stakeholders
  • Rural workforce agencies / Medicare Locals
  • University Rural Health Depts. & Clinical Schools
  • Government policy makers
  • IMGs and representative organisations
  • Indigenous health representatives
  • Defence Force / Antarctic Division
Keynote speakers
  • Prof Lynn Robinson - Deputy Director, Centre for Innovation in Professional Learning, University of Queensland. Co-founder of Med-E-Serv. Lynn has been at the forefront of developing educational program in a world of increasing technology.
  • Dr Mike Cadogan - Emergency physician with a passion for medical informatics and medical education. Co-founder of HealthEngine, iMeducate and GMEP (Global Medical Education Project). Mike is a fervent user of social media and the sharing of experiences amongst doctors for education, no matter where they may be located.
  • Prof Tim Dornan - Professor of Medical Education, Department of Educational Development and Research, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University. Tim has a wealth of experience in the field of medical education. One of his major areas of interest and research is clinical workplace learning.
  • Dr Stephanie Trust - Deputy Medical Director at Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC), Stephanie is a Gidja woman from Wuggubun community, born and bred in the Kimberley region and is an indigenous medicine graduate of the University of Western Australia in Perth WA. Stephanie's practise increasingly involves the use of innovative technologies that combine telehealth and electronic health records.



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