Targeted solutions to recruit, retain and train doctors in remote Australian communities.

As a workforce recruitment strategy, RVTS Targeted Recruitment supports rural, remote and First Nations communities with high medical workforce need.

Funded by the Department of Health, this strategy has recruited 23 doctors to 26 communities. RVTS partners with communities to incorporate the RVTS Training Program, delivered via distance education and remote supervision, into a Rural Generalist (RG) or General Practice (GP) recruitment package. It is a win-win situation for both the practice, community and the doctor – RVTS training ensures a stable medical workforce and greater continuity of primary care in isolated regions, while the Doctor can stay in one location while training towards RACGP, RACGP-RG and ACRRM Fellowship.

Gain employment, vocational training and recognition as you provide medical services to the Australian communities most in need. Find out more about opportunities to train with RVTS’ January 2025 intake.

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Benefits of RVTS Training

  • Stay in one location for the duration of training
  • No application fee
  • No cost – RVTS is fully-funded by the Australian Government
  • A combination of remote and face-to-face training
  • Personalised supervision and comprehensive support
  • Collegiate, peer support and invaluable connections – throughout training forge strong bonds with other doctors who are experiencing similar situations, challenges and training.
  • Guaranteed eligibility for the A1 Medicare schedule
  • High 80% Fellowship achievement rate – succeed with the support of RVTS

Dr Sam Jones

Hear from Dr Sam Jones about his experience in Badu Island.

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Targeted recruitment locations for the January 2025 intake

      Click here to view contact details and information for all Targeted Recruitment locations

      Targeted Recruitment – A Pathway into RVTS Training and Current Job Opportunities

      Explore opportunities for rural GP and RG jobs in exciting locations across Australia with RVTS. RVTS in collaboration with eligible locations is facilitating recruitment to 30+ rural, remote and First Nations communities.

      Targeted Recruitment locations are shown in the table and map below. Of the advertised locations, the first locations to recruit a candidate who is successful through the RVTS selection process will be awarded a training position.

      Where there are more candidates than training places per selection round, candidates will be ranked per the RVTS selection criteria as listed in the Targeted Recruitment Applicant Guide.

      The Targeted Recruitment process – 4 easy steps

      Step 1: Express Interest

      Express your interest in a Targeted Recruitment Location.

      Step 2: Application to the Targeted Recruitment Practice Location

      Apply directly to the practice. Practice then undertakes a Practice Recruitment interview to determine if you are suitable for the position. Once identified, the practice will make an offer in writing to their preferred candidate(s).

      Step 3: Practice Nomination of Targeted Recruitment Candidate

      The practice notifies RVTS of the recruitment.

      Step 4: RVTS Selection Process – Application, Interview and Testing

      Once nominated by the Practice, RVTS will provide you with application documents and accompanying instructions. Next, you should complete the online RVTS application and upload supporting documentation.

      • RVTS Targeted Recruitment Applicant Guide

      Applicant eligibility

      The RVTS eligibility requirements for individual doctors via Targeted Recruitment is consistent with the existing RVTS recruitment process.


      • Applicants that have been in place prior to publication and approval of the Targeted Recruitment location are ineligible for Targeted Recruitment but can apply through the Remote or AMS streams if applicable.
      • Doctors can only apply to one Targeted Recruitment location each year.

      At the time of applying, applicants must meet each of the following criteria:

      1. Medical registration

      The doctor must have General, Provisional or Limited Registration for Area of Need with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Additionally, the doctor must be at Medical Board of Australia Level 3 or 4 supervision¹. Levels 1 and 2 are not eligible for RVTS Training.

      2. Doctors with limited registration

      The doctor must be on the Australian Medical Council Standard Pathway² and have successfully completed the Australian Medical Council part 1 exam; AND Limited registration needs to have been granted on or after 22 January 2023.



      3. Residency Status

      Applications are accepted from Australian citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents. Temporary residents should have adequate time left on their visa to complete the training program and are required to provide evidence of their application for permanent residency.

      4. Enrolment in other vocational training programs

      All applicants are required to indicate if they are currently enrolled in or have applied for another vocational training program, such as the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) or the ACRRM Rural Generalist Training Scheme (RGTS).

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      Frequently asked questions

      • If you have been in place before publication and approval of the Targeted Recruitment location, you are ineligible for Targeted Recruitment.

        However, you may apply through the RVTS Remote or AMS Training Streams if suitable.

      • RVTS will assess up to three eligible candidates from each practice, if applicable.

        If the location puts forward multiple candidates and more than one candidate meets minimum RVTS Selection standards, the location must determine the preferred candidate for the position.

      • Yes. However, RVTS training must not be compromised by a registrar being enrolled in another vocational training program.

        Therefore, doctors who have applied or are currently enrolled in the AGPT, ACRRM Independent Pathway, the Rural Generalist Training Scheme (RGTS), or the RACGP Fellowship Support Program (FSP) must provide a statutory declaration of their intention to resign, should their application to RVTS be successful.

        Additionally, applicants in vocational training programs that lead to specialist medical registration outside of the RVTS program, such as Fellowship of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEM), must obtain approval from RVTS to remain in that program before training commences with RVTS.

      • You can apply for Targeted GP Recruitment online at during selection rounds.

        Be sure to read the RVTS Targeted Recruitment Applicant Guide before applying to check your eligibility, and to understand what supporting documentation needs to be uploaded with your application.

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      Seeking a General Practice Fellowship? Let’s get started.
      Training doctors in remote communities for remote communities
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      Participating – how Targeted Recruitment locations are selected

      With only a limited number of positions available for Targeted Recruitment across Australia, remote training posts must apply to be endorsed by RVTS. When selecting these locations, we consider the following factors.

      Selection of Locations is assessed on the following criteria:

      • GP community care
      • Remote geographic location
      • High Medical Workforce Need
      • National Spread

      Contact RVTS to discuss the location eligibility