Being brilliant at the basics will come in handy when there are no clinical pathways or algorithms that apply to the patient in front of you. This was the take home message from the second case at the 3rd annual RVTS Grand Round Webinar. 

In August we shared the first excerpt from the webinar, and this month we are delighted to share Dr Geoff Courser’s case discussion about ‘Bruce’, an obese man who presents looking rather unwell….

The webinar attendees were invited to participate in the discussion via polls, and you’ll be able to match your thoughts with those of the live audience.

View the discussion here: (9 min 27 sec)

Dr Courser highlights that if you are brilliant at the basics, you will go a long way in managing patients whilst first doing no harm.

If you’re interested in reading further on management of SVTs to get the basics right, you may want to review the following references: