The 2021 training year has just begun at RVTS, and we’ve caught up with Dr Pat Giddings, RVTS CEO, GP and GP Obstetrician, to talk about the year that’s been and the year ahead.  Dr Giddings shares what he believes makes RVTS successful, and gives his “TOP TIP” for Registrars for 2021.

Listen to the discussion between RVTS Supervisor Dr Sara Fergusson, and Dr Pat Giddings (14 minutes):

Looking back at RVTS’ history, Dr Giddings reflects that, like a lot of programs, RVTS started as a solution to a problem. 

In 1996 Provider number legislation was introduced, and Vocational Training was required Doctors to have a Provider number.

A few years later, in the late 1990’s, RVTS began.  The first registrar was working in Western Queensland in a workforce program.  He was highly valued by his community, however, the new requirements meant that he would have to leave his community to join a training program.  Enter RVTS: A program that took the training to the doctor and was tailored for that doctor’s needs while meeting curriculum standards for RACGP and ACRRM.

Fast-forward over 20 years: More than 400 Doctors have trained under RVTS, some who are now RVTS Supervisors and Medical Educators.  Over 300 small communities around Australia have been able to retain their Doctor while the training was undertaken.

One of the keys to the success of RVTS is that, as an organisation, it understands the unique challenges that rural, remote and Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) doctors face. RVTS reinforces and affirms doctor’s skills and their value within their communities and to Australia.  RVTS provides understanding, support and friendship in addition to high quality Medical Education and Fellowship examination training. 

RVTS is looking forward to 2021 with all it’s challenges and opportunities, and wishes all the RVTS registrars and supervisors a successful and enjoyable year.

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