This is Part 2 of a 3 part series on “Common GP Presentations”

As we continue looking at Common GP Presentations, we discuss the initial approach to 3 more patients that present with conditions that are frequently seen in General Practice. 

Review Part 1 of this webinar excerpt with Meryl Nicol, a previous RVTS Registrar, now one of the Medical Educator team.

In Part 2, we discuss:

  • An itchy rash in a child
  • A man presenting with elevated BP
  • A young woman with anxiety and/or depression

View the recording here: (7 min)

Please note that the approach discussed is AN approach: there is no perfect approach, and the luxury of GP consultations is the continuity of care and follow-up we can offer patients to determine if they are progressing as expected, or if additional thoughts need to be taken into consideration. Your particular population demographic and local resources would also influence how you approach each case.

We hope that the discussion in this recording can be taken further: consider what you may do differently in your local situation, and discuss these cases with your supervisor.

You may also consider review the resources below for further reading: