The 2021 RVTS Grand Round focussed on Dermatology with a round of “Stump the Chump” with living legend and well known QLD dermatologist, Associate Professor Jim Muir. Various derm cases were presented to Jim to determine the diagnosis.

Needless to say, Jim was spot on each time, and we all learned from his insights and discussion.

During the discussion, Tele-Derm was highlighted as a helpful resource to assist in managing patients with dermatological conditions.

Tele-Derm is available online as a service to all rural doctors to access practical dermatology advice and education.

Here are some take home messages from the session that were noted by attendees:

·      Take a full history and examine all the skin in all patients presenting with rashes

·      It’s important to write essential details and include a close and distant photo in a dermatology referral. 

·      Develop a broad differential diagnosis

·      Have a low threshold to biopsy

·      There is huge value in the tele-derm service!

You can review excerpts from the webinar below (7 min):

Below are some resources you may find useful: