by Dr Ronda Gurney, RVTS Director of Training

As we come to the end of 2022, we reflect on the achievements of the year, the goals accomplished, and the lessons learned. It’s been a busy and productive year, and for RVTS Training, a successful one!

Dr Ronda Gurney, RVTS Director of Training.

Dr Ronda Gurney, RVTS Director of Training.

During the course of 2022:

  • 3 workshops were delivered – a virtual workshop at the start of the year, a Mini-Workshop in May where we ventured back to face-to-face events, and our well-known, much-loved flagship Workshop returned in full force in September.
  • 190 regular webinars were presented, covering the breadth of the RACGP and ACRRM curricula. The mid-year RVTS Grand Round was as successful as ever, and excerpts from the presentation can be viewed on the RVTS Blog.
  • 69 exam prep webinars and 6 virtual Bootcamps were delivered, supporting registrars preparing for various segments of the Fellowship exams.
  • 178 Clinical Teaching Visits were conducted – just more than half were still teleCTVs, but we are slowly reverting back to the ‘gold standard’ face-to-face visits as circumstances allow.
  • Our online learning platform, RVTS Online, has seen 8940 logins this year, with users accessing 24 active courses and completing dozens of activities and hundreds of quiz questions.
  • Multiple supervisor support sessions were conducted, including at the workshops and online, with additional resources added to RVTS Online for supervisor/registrar engagement.
  • 25 RVTS registrars successfully completed training and were awarded Fellowships in the past 12 months, of which 4 included ASTs. Congratulations to all of you!
  • RVTS also supported numerous doctors on MDRAP in NSW as well as multiple PEP Participants on the RACGP program, with many mentor and workplace based assessments taking place to assist them on their GP journey.

Final plans for our 2023 Training Year are underway. Please take note of the following important dates:

  • The 2023 Training Year commences on 23 January 2023.
  • The Virtual Orientation Workshop for our 23.1 cohort is scheduled to take place on 7 February 2023 (during the day).
  • Weekly webinars are due to commence in the first/second week of February 2023 (depending on your cohort). Webinars are delivered on Wednesday/Thursday evenings at 8pm AEDT.
  • 6-10 March 2023 – RVTS Workshop in Manly.
  • 18-22 September 2023 – RVTS Workshop in Brisbane.

A friendly reminder to registrars that you will need to re-enrol for the 2023 Training Year – look out for the email and the link to complete this important step ahead of 2023!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions to RVTS training over the past 12 months. Thank you to registrars, supervisors, facilitators, presenters, educators, staff and practices – thank you for making 2022 the success it was.

We look forward to building on these successes in 2023.

Wishing each of you a restful, enjoyable and rejuvenating Festive Season, a Merry Christmas and all that is good in the New Year to come.

I look forward to working with each of you in 2023.

Dr Ronda Gurney

December 2022

RVTS Director of Training, Dr Ronda Gurney (third from right), and various members of the RVTS Medical Education team, pictured at the 2022 May Mini-Workshop.
RVTS Director of Training, Dr Ronda Gurney (third from right), and various members of the RVTS Medical Education team, pictured at the 2022 May Mini-Workshop.