“To err is human” and as GP’s, we all make mistakes. This is Part two of a two part series from our recent Grand Round 2022, where we look at the mistakes that we make and look at some key strategies for managing those difficult situations and tips for how to prevent them. It is run in a “hypothetical “ manner,  where we discuss a case and hear from our panel of experts

 Dr George Cerchez, a GP experienced in the fields of quality, safety and accreditation, Ruanne Brell, a senior lawyer with Avant, and Dr Ameeta Patel, a Medical Educator with RVTS with an interest in doctors health and wellbeing. 

In this excerpt, we hear about a solo doctor in a small town making a mistake by giving a child an antibiotic that they had an allergy to. We discuss small town issues, team dynamics, getting away from a “dobbing-in” culture, the normalisation of deviance and lots more!! 

We strongly recommend you listen to Part one before listening to Episode two below! 

Resources that may be of interest to you:

1. Human Factors in Accidents  : M F Allnutt   

2. Adverse Event Reporting (Avant)

3. Blaming individual doctors for medical errors, doesn’t help anyone  – University of Sydney

4. How to say sorry:   (Avant )

5: General Practice Ethics: Disclosing Errors: RACGP