2019 has come to an end, and we’re in that reflective mood, as is common at this time of the year 🙂

The last 12 months have been jam-packed: and while we’re enjoying a brief lull in proceedings, we’ve been reflecting…

Looking back over 2019:

We’ve had successful face to face workshops where friendships and relationships formed the foundation for deep learning and skill development. We have an organisation full of talented, experienced individuals who generously share their expertise to the benefit of our registrars. We review feedback received and make further improvements to future workshops based on suggestions and comments from registrars, supervisors, educators and staff, making each workshop better than the one before!

We’ve conducted over 100 webinars during the year, utilising distance education for small group learning which is clinically based and relevant to general practice. The enthusiasm and passion of our presenters is inspirational, and we thank them for contributing to the learning of our registrars in this unique way.

Webinar recording excerpts are shared to all Australian GPs via the RVTS podcast, and will do more of this in 2020.

Each registrar has had several clinical teaching visits, training reviews and many supervisor meetings. They’ve participated in emergency courses and online courses, completed multisource feedbacks and multiple audits.

Each of these provided an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow and become a better GP.

It’s heartwarming to hear the feedback from registrars who have completed their training on what the program has meant to them, and knowing we’re supporting GPs where they are needed the most: in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

“Thanks RVTS for helping me become better GP”

“I personally appreciate the support that RVTS provided to their registrar in all levels.”

“Loved being part of RVTS thank you”

“Thank you for your great help and helping us become good Remote GPs”

“Thank-you all for making the journey interesting and challenging”

“Thank you soooo much x”

“Thanks for all the support and feedback. The family is the reason we’re here”

“Sad to finishing up RVTS. Thank you so much for everything…”

“Thank you my RVTS mentors, teachers and friends. It’s been a beautiful three years with you. See you soon as a contributor to the programme in the near future.”

Click on play to see some memories from 2019:

We should use more opportunities to reflect. The end of the year is a good time to think back and consider how we can learn from the many opportunities and build on the successes to make the best of 2020!

Reflecting is how we learn and grow professionally. If we consider the following questions regularly, we will each continue to improve throughout the year.

  • What did we do well? 
  • What could we do better? 
  • Where do we need to focus more attention?
  • What will we do differently next time around?

You may want to reflect on your year, and answer the questions above for yourself personally. Possibly review your Clinical Teaching Reports, Training Review Summaries and Learning Plan Goals, and consider what changes need to be made ahead of 2020.

If you’re interested in exploring the skill of reflective practice further, the following link has some useful resources: